We may not be able to save every child, but we can respond one at a time. Do not be discouraged by numbers, but instead be encouraged that when we feed, visit, love and clothe an orphan- we did it for Christ. I tell you the truth- whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me. Matthew 25:40

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Austin

My youngest turned 11 years old today. I can not believe how fast time goes. It's been so fun to watch him grow into a handsome, intelligent, kind hearted little man. I love to watch as God works in his life and he begins to understand and trust the Lord. You are an amazing son Austin and mom loves you very much!

He loves us too...he designed the cake. Gotta love that. My dad/mom ROCK !!! He is 1 of a kind :)

ADOPTION UPDATE::: I forgot to have the house deeds and the marriage certificate apostiled and a few attachments for the Home Study didn't have our full names on them like our passports do so those all needed to be corrected. Our agent spoke with the social worker this morning and all papers were fixed and on the way to our agent via Fed Ex. I called the Secretary of State 1st thing this morning and apostles are also on the way. Everything was sent overnight so W. said IF everything gets there early enough tomorrow the dossier would go to Russia this weekend with a traveling family.

Jamie is busy busy. He's got another side job this Sat pouring a driveway. We are picking up odd jobs here and there but silly me I forgot to put our ad in the paper this week. I was offered a cleaning job 3 nights a week...still deciding. I need to make sure what I do don't cut into my own business.

We cut our cell phone minutes down and took off all the extras which cut 60.00 off our monthly bill. I canceled the 2nd phone line which I used as a fax and cut 12.00 off that bill and we're also cleaning out our storage unit this weekend so we don't have to pay that 50.00 every month. Jamie also decided to sell the 12ft fishing boat that's been in storage for 2 yrs. We got 250.00 for it, I put it on craigslist and it was gone the following morning. In the last 2 months we've managed to cut 225.00 out of our monthly bills. I'm so pleased and I can't forget to Thank the Lord. I've been praying for financial doors to open and he's making it happen! What an amazing God. I couldn't do this without you and I love you.

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