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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cleaning house

Ok I'm getting serious now...I've decided to part with my blackberry. I love it but I think I'm becoming addicted to it. If I'm not at home or work where I have internet than do I really need it? I just told a friend the other day that when I stopped smoking 3 years ago I told myself I'd never let anything control me again and this does, I look at it all the time no matter who I'm with...it's a BIG want not a need so I'm parting with it to cut expenses and make life simplier! We are also selling 2 other phones. They are US Cellular phones and work great. These are our asking prices but we're open to any reasonable offer.
1) Blackberry Curve in red $100.00
2) Motorola ROKR $50.00
3) Motorola RAZR2 V9 $50.00 OBO




I also just listed the DVD player on a few websites and plan to direct everyone here for pictures so I don't have to keep emailing them out :)

They can both watch different movies, each screen has a remote and 2 wireless headsets with 9 in. screens.

We have tested both players. We're asking $100.00 obo.

We also have a twin captians bed with 3 drawers, there is no headboard and a matching 5 drawer chest. Mattress is like new and always was protected. No stains, super clean. $350.00 OBO

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Amanda said...

Hey- we need a portable DVD player for Anna for our trips every other weekend to see my stepsons. I just looked at Target on Tuesday. Are the ones you have for sale the kind that can be "hung up" inside a vehicle- even if just on the back of the seat?


Jill said...

Yes the each have a velcro strap that goes around the headrest. The screen flips forward and the DVD goes behind the screen.

Corbin said...

will you ship the rokr?

Jill said...

Yes I will if you pay by credit card and including 7.00 for shipping and insurance

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