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Saturday, July 25, 2009

We're moved in

We had a busy day moving our office and supplies into the club today and we got everything moved but we didn't get everything organized. It's really coming together and everyday I get more excited to open. I planned on posting pictures from the day but we left the camara at the club so I will try to post them tomorrow.

We are still waiting on the plumber and my plan is to give him a call on Monday to check on his time frame, if he gets there next week we plan to open the 1st week of Aug. We originally planned to have our Grand Opening Aug 1st which is a Sat but we will not be open on Saturdays so we've decided not to have it on a day we'll be closed. I will know more on this after Monday.

We don't work in the club on Sunday's so we plan to make a run to Sioux Falls tomorrow to pick up a few final items. I was hoping to get to Hobby Lobby but they're not open on Sunday's so I may have to run there during the week, I'm looking for one of those ladder like standing shelves so I can display some products. For anyone that likes Hobby Lobby like I do you can print a 40% off any regular priced item coupon online and you can use one a day Yippeee! We need to get more pudding and extracts and a piece of oak from Menards, I'm going to cut out the Herbalife logo from wood, stain it and put it on the office wall so you see it when you come in the front door. We really wanted a 2nd mixer however the funds were low since we're doing this without credit cards/loans or lines of credit so I sold a KitchenAid Mixer that I had and never used. Thanks Craigslist!! We decided when we started that we would buy everything used to keep our cost done...our goal is to help other people who are interested in owning their own business and be able to to it with a low investment, and we believe in order to teach people how to do that you need to do it 1st.

Jamie and I have grown really close in the past year but God had a plan when you opened our eyes to this oppurtunity...this is "our" business and we are becoming better partners...partners for life. I own that man a huge thanks for putting in hours after work to get this started. When I 1st told him I wanted a store front he was cooking and I was sitting at the island and he turned around and looked at me with a look that said ...you'r nuts! I left it at that partialy because I thought maybe he was right so I prayed about it and I just knew this was the next chapter in our life that God wanted us to take so I said to him again that I wanted a store front and without hesitation he says than let's do it. He's a wonderful man and even thought he wasnt sure about my choice he was willing to support me. I love him and thank God for him every single day.

Have an amazing Sunday!

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