We may not be able to save every child, but we can respond one at a time. Do not be discouraged by numbers, but instead be encouraged that when we feed, visit, love and clothe an orphan- we did it for Christ. I tell you the truth- whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me. Matthew 25:40

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Few Updates

Well we made it thru our 1st Home Study visit. We meet with our counselor yesterday. Everything went well, there were a few small bumps that we knew we'd have to work thru but in the big picture of everything things are moving rather fast. Our next visit is Tues the 10th and the 3rd and final is the following Tues the 17th, she said Home Study should be completed within this month. We have all our paperwork finished for the Dossier and are just waiting for the completion of the Home Study. WOW this is amazing. It's been alot of paperwork just like everyone told us but it's been a rather smooth journey so far. I told Jamie this morning that I believe 100% that God has the addition to our family ready and that's why things are moving so quickly. Things always seem to go smoother when we turn them over to the Lord. Sometimes I wake up and wonder how everything is going to work out and than I remember that I don't need to worry about tomorrow or the next cause God's already there. Your prayers are working and we greatly appreciate all your support.

Now for the popcorn... Yes! I'm still enjoying this, Jamie says I'm having too much fun selling popcorn (he is helping but it's way out of his comfort zone) Todate we went out 3 times and we are at 623.00. We plan to go out 4 more times before we turn this order in and than we're going to sell for another 2 weeks. A friend of mine offered to take the order form to Staples and Animal Revival. Thanks so much Jody!!

We're bringing our child(ren) home from Russia, one way or another and Jamie and I decided that the one way for us is with God leading the way.

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