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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Barthroom Debate

Oh don't act like you're shocked every household that contains the male gender has this rebate... Who pees on the rim? It's men/boys I know that but Jamie is still not convinced. Just to give you alittle insight, we clean together....Always, so last night we decided that since my work load wasn't so heavy tonight we'd to it tonight when he got off work. When we 1st started cleaning together I nominated him to toilets, my thought to self was if he you know what than he can clean it, well to my surprise the toilets aren't nearly as dirty as they used to be when I cleaned them. Now that's an interesting point however tonight we were alittle over due for the good ol down on the knees cleaning and as we're on the hot topic of our cleaning days we start discussing who's peeing on the rim, of course I said well everyone knows you men do that but for some reason you haven't figured out that a lil wipe with some toilet paper will fix the problem. To my surprise Jamie looks me straight in the eye and in his loving voice he says "Jill come on maybe you ladies need to sit alittle longer" of course I laughed however he didn't have me convinced so I try to explain to him that if however it was us it wouldn't be on the rim and he says "oh I think it might splash up there". Wow I think he's listened to my complaints about the bathroom a few times don't you think? I still won cause he cleaned them....all 3 of em! Take the poll and let's see who's really making the mess.

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