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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Super MOM !?!?!?!

I'm not sure what a Super MOM looks like but I found myself starring one in the face today as I looked in the mirror. Some days I think my brain is flashing overload and that's the days everything comes crashing down. Well that's was my day yesterday so I'm praying my whole week don't go this way. It all started with the Post Office, I hope I'm not alone to say the post office is a not a very friendly place for me, it mostly delivers bills and bad news, however I'm anxiously waiting for the fingerprinting kit from South Dakota to arrive so we can get our fingerprinting done for our Home Study. Hoping it would be there I went right at 9am to find out that nothing was delivered except a cancellation notice on our auto insurance, so I called them and seems I was having a blond moment when I wrote the check out cause I shorted them 19.00, so without notice they cancel due to non payment unreal, like that 19.00 was going to make that huge of a difference in our budget for last month or something. I decided this was the price I pay for switching carriers 6 months ago from my local agent to save a few bucks. Well needless to say she got my business back...OK local is better! Shortly after cooling down from finding out we didn't have auto insurance the Home Study agency calls and informs me she forgot to tell us we all needed physicals done and wanted to know if we would get that done by tomorrow, Super mom is kicking in. 4 appts., kids go to school, Jamie works out of town and clinic cant get us in till Thurs so tomorrow don't work. On top of that Austin's teacher has decided that since I work from home and have a flexible schedule (what's that?) I can help with the Marsville Project which means 1 day a week for the next 4 weeks I have to be in school for 1 1/2 hrs to help my group of kids and the 5th week we have link up day with the OC Elem 4th graders to build our habitat, that's an all day project. We had our 1st day yesterday. Super mom is going high speed now. Ive now made it thru supper and Jamie frantically needs help finding something on the internet ( the computer to Jamie is like a foreign language) he can't even find the address bar, OK now he can !! Austin needs help with science and he also reminds me that luch money needs to be paid online, Tristan is calling my name from the kitchen cause he hates math and don't get it, did I mention I don't like math either however I'm a pretty good help as long as he remembers his text book so I can teach him the way he's taught and not my way, yep you guessed it, he forgot it in his locker so I began to search the net for help, plus I have business calls booked until 9pm, how can I do all that at one time? Brain begins to flash overload and I kindly in my nice motherly voice say OK family mom cant do everything I'm only one person. I'm not too sure if Jamie ever found what he was looking for but I did manage to get my phone calls in and also the boys homework without having a major meltdown, however I did come to the realization that my plate is too full and that moms should be the new Super Heroes. All because of my personal mini meltdown I wanna say.. Good Job, Moms. You're the Best!

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Busy Mama said...

Aren't you glad those days aren't EVERYDAY!?!?! Hang in there! And way to go, Supermom!!

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