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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Out Numbered....Again

I have a favorite quick and simple recipe, everyone that knows me is alreay thinking wow this ought to be good Jill never cooks. Its SIMPLE and I have been craving it all day so for supper I suggested it and it got a big no. Im going to share this receipe with you cause someone needs to enjoy it and it don't look like it's going to be me. We had a few big reasons why it got ruled out, don't tell anyone but Jamie is watching what he eats, I think that's his way of saying "diet" LOL, and Tristan will not under any circumstances eat it cause it has chicken in it. I know what kid don't like chicken, he did until we got a bird that he loves and he thinks chicken is part of his birds family. WOW kids now days. He's been on this kick for awhile, I tried to pull a fast one on him the other week cause we went to the Pizza Ranch...didn't work he wouldn't eat it! Austin was gone tonight so he didn't have a voice in the supper menu. This originally came from my sister, Gina, when she gave it to me I was like is this a real recipe or something you made up, she informed me it was "real" so go ahead try it for a fast meal, the kids will love it unless they have birds!

Box of Mac n Cheese (make it like normal, however I use alil more milk so it's nice and creamy)
12.5 oz can of Chunk Chicken
sm. can Cream of Chicken
shredded cheese

That's it, I make the mac n cheese, cut the canned chicken into smaller pieces, mix the cream of chicken soup in, add a handful of shredded cheese, more milk if needed and eat. It's amazingly good, fast and easy.

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Busy Mama said...

I am in awe over here - a recipe from Jill. Does that mean I have to post one too!?!?!?

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