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Saturday, January 31, 2009

12 hrs later and a new blog

I have to say that this blog design excursion that I just went on for the last 24 hrs was more than I bargained for. Thank goodness for tutorials on U Tube :) Seriously I think it look me at least 12 hrs to design this and I still need alittle help in some areas from my dear friend, busy mama blog design. I better not consider doing this for a living I'd be out of work real fast, however I don't like to praise myself but I am proud of myself and I think my family is glad it's over too :) Austin says mom it's taking you a long time to do that, did you have to start over a couple times. Hummmm I must really be slow!

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Busy Mama said...

You are serious girl - you've already changed that link!! :)

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